Can You Pass the Bloomberg Civics Challenge?

November 13, 2009

Can You Pass the Bloomberg Civics Challenge?

In honor of his historic 90 million dollar victory over Bill Thompson and hence four more years of even more tremendous achievements to come, New Yorkers are herein challenged to take the Bloomberg Civics Challenge and see just how they measure up to the  mighty mind of Mayor Mike.  The civics challenge is designed in the form of a multiple choice test in honor of the hundreds of thousands of similar tests NYC school kids take every year under Mayor Mike’s bold data driven leadership. And boy, have those test scores soared !   Remember, when in doubt, pick C !

1) Reporters who ask Mayor Mike uncomfortable questions are

a)     Doing their job.

b)    Carrots.

c)     “a  disgrace”

d)    Insubordinate.

2) The best person to run the largest school system in the United States is

a)     A professional experienced educator who has worked his or her way through the ranks.

b)    A carrot.

c)     A former federal prosecutor with no educational background at all.

d)    A sensitive singer songwriter.

3) When faced with two referendums approving term limits, an ethical mayor in a democratic society should

a)     Submit to the will of the people.

b)    Have sex with a farm animal.

c)     Orchestrate a coup within the sleaze ridden City Council.

d)    Baby Carrots.

4) The finest and most efficient model for all human activity


a)     The corporate business model.

b)    Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu

c)     The corporate business model.

d)    The corporate business model.

5) The New York City Council should operate as

a) Jonathan Livingston Seagull

b) the law making  body of the City of New York  serving as a balance of power against the mayor in a “strong” mayor-council government model.

c) The mayor’s private brothel.

d) ice cream

6)When seeking reelection for, say, mayor of New York City, an appropriate gesture for a candidate to make to a prominent spiritual leader might be

a)     a promise of  more Michell-Lama Housing.

b)    A pledge of good government.

c)     A gift of one million dollars cash.

d)    Baby carrots

7)The inevitable result from a change in Mayer Bloomberg’s dictatorial control over the New York City’s Public School system would be

a)     A sane and responsible educational policy.

b)    Dramatically less turnover in the teaching profession.

c)     “ Riots in the street.”

d)    The end of the world.

8)Faced with the current economic crisis which of the following leaders would be best suited to govern New York City

a)     Mike Bloomberg

b)    Nicolae Ceausescu

c)     Mike Bloomberg

d)    Mike Bloomberg

9) In the ever more savage  world of  global competition, “effective”  teachers should  seek to enhance

a)  Critical thinking.

b)  Creativity.

c)  the ability to take multiple choice tests.

d)  real knowledge of history, literature,  art and science.

Answer Key:  1) c 2) c 3) c 4) c 5 c) 6 ) c 7)  c 8) c 9 ) c


3 Responses to “Can You Pass the Bloomberg Civics Challenge?”

  1. Quizler Says:

    Yummy Recipe
    Grind up the civil servant middle-class and make a thin paste. Dry the paste on enormous sheets of wax paper. Cut into crackers. Get FDA approval for human consumption(easy). Sell crackers to private food service providers. Food service sells crackers to school district. Yummy.

  2. patrickwalsh Says:

    Don’t feel so bad , dear Jacqui. We are all failures in comparison to The Bloomberg.

  3. jacqui Says:


    i failed!

    my failure is going to cost my school LOTS OF FUNDING!!!!


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