State Finds Millions of New Reasons to Harass and Fire Teachers

February 8, 2011

This from today’s New York Times:

Most New York Students Are Not College-Ready 
In light of new data, the state may have schools report both the graduation rate and the college ready rate.

So after nine years (and counting) of  imbecilic federal laws, state and city laws  concocted by politicians and  their corporate employers, New York State education officials released graduation statistics showing  that less than half of students in the state are leaving high school prepared for college and “ well-paying careers.”

Only one thing to do.  Put even more pressure on teachers.  Bust their unions.  Degrade and demoralize them that much the more.  Remove even more responsibility from students and administrators.  Have Bill Gates fund more inspiring movies like  “Waiting For Superman.”  Close more schools. Create new and exiting ways to fire teachers  and do so.

That’s the ticket.

Been working so far.


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