Cycling the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail: A Pleasant Ride Through History » Lovely purple home in Yonkers

3 Responses to “Lovely purple home in Yonkers”

  1. baabaa Says:

    Hi I am so glad you photographed this home. I am from this area, and have walked by this house many times. That is on Shonnard Terrace approaching Warburton Avenue right before the entrance to the aqueduct. North Yonkers is the most beautiful part of Yonkers in my book. I don’t think the house is purple anymore. I also used to see a purple Cadillac Brougham parked near the house. I guess it was the owner.

  2. Joshua Says:

    This used to be the Morehouse, a commune created by Dr. Victor Baranco in the 60’s. I lived in this this branch of it until it ceased in 2010. Other branches still exist in California, Hawaii, and Georgia. Glad you liked it.

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