The Wrath of Sandy

October 31, 2012

No street lights.


A dangling crane.


Scary. Very scary.


No phone.  No hot water. No music. No lights.   No food.  No heat.  No coffee.

No electricity.

This blog is sent to you from a sidewalk in front of Starbucks where I am peaching on their WiFi as there are so many people in there you can not get in the place .

Cycling 40 blocks for a cup of coffee.  No fun.

And at least  four more days of the same.

The sole consolation: it is quiet.  Very, very quiet.  18th century quiet.

The following images were taken the morning after in various parts of the city as I made my way up town in search of coffee and food, in that order.



The empty FDR Drive.















4 Responses to “The Wrath of Sandy”

  1. Paul Hogan Says:

    Great pics and outstanding narrative today (11/1). It’s a once-in-a-lifetime, I hope.

    We got power back in Riverdale completely unexpectedly last nite after two+ days. I was prepared for up to 21… the last rumor that was circulating among the locals here.

    Two blocks away there are stores that did not lose power. One of which…. the gods be praised… was a deli owned and run by someone who lives nearby. Result: we at least had hot coffee ( sorta”hot”) available after 6 am.

    Didn’t stop me from idiotically putting the tepid foam cup into my microwave and standing there for 10 seconds to “heat it up” after I got back home.( “You have no electricity; remember, stupid?” ) I did that at least four times.

    Lukewarm coffee never tasted so good.

    Hang in there. They’ll get to you.

  2. Good reporting, Pat. Keep up the good work. Be safe. Good luck to you all in NYC. Hope you weathered the storm all right. Best to you and yours.

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