A Talk on Education, Democracy and Freedom: The Unspeakable Price of Corporate Education Reform

November 12, 2012

Mary House

For the past two years, as part of the Catholic Worker Friday Night Lecture Series, I have given talks on the corporate and oligarchic campaign to expropriate the American public school system, corporatize all aspects of education, and obliterate the teachers’ union all in the name of “education reform.”  The campaign continues unabated.
This year I will be speaking on what I perceive to be the price of said “education reform” on our already anemic democracy and the unspoken motivations, ideological as well as monetary,  behind it.
The talk will be held at Mary House on December 7, 2012 and begin at 7:45.  It will last about 45 minutes and be followed by a Q and A.
The event is free and all are welcome.
Mary House is located at 55 East 3rd St, NY, NY 10003 between 1st and 2nd Ave   near the F train as well as the 4, 5, and 6 trains.
Telephone: 212 777 9617
Hope to see you there.

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