Happy Thanksgiving: Images from Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade

November 22, 2012

Shamelessly commercial but still a thrill to my little girl and to little boys and girls everywhere.   Enjoy!

My almost 8 year old daughter tells me that this fella is called a smirf.

Not sure who this fellow is nor why he is hiding his eyes but…float by he did.

A Big Apple for the Big Apple.

This guy is called Diary of a Wimpy Kid and for good reason.

Wimpy floating by…

This is Kool -AId. Really.

Mickey making the Scene.

Very large and angry cartoon cat.

Many, many marching bands.

What’s a Thanksgiving Parade without an appearance of the global icon of lousy fast food ?

Billions and billions sold.


Mr. Peanut arrives.

The Pilsbury Doughboy looming.

Who is happier than this character ?

Gingerbread house. ( I think.)

Mr. Giant Christmas Tree Ornament.

Dora the Explorer exploring 6th Ave.

Parade over. Time to eat !

2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving: Images from Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade”

  1. Arthur Goldstein Says:

    Wow. Thanks for the show. I’ve been hanging around all day doing nothing whatsoever and it’s been glorious.

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