Michelle Rhee Exploits Sandy Hook Slaughter to Plug Studentsfirst Organization

December 16, 2012

“Following today’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the entire StudentsFirst family is mourning with the victims, their families, and the entire community of Newtown, Connecticut. We have offered our colleagues in the state any assistance they may need.

There are no adequate words to express the horror and senseless nature of violence in our schools. It happens far too often in our country.  As a mother myself, I understand the hesitation every parent will feel in the coming days when they kiss their children and send them off to school — to a place of learning and growth that ought to be a safe haven from violence.

Our children are our most valuable assets, and we lost too many of them today. Today’s event forces us to ask ourselves: how are we expected to foster an environment in which students can learn, grow, thrive, and set off on positive life-paths when we cannot guarantee basic needs such as their safety?

But events like these also strengthen our resolve to do exactly that — improve schools for children and thereby improve entire communities. The entire StudentsFirst organization — including the members of our team in Connecticut — recommit ourselves to that mission today, as we pause to send our thoughts and prayers to those affected in Newtown.”

2 Responses to “Michelle Rhee Exploits Sandy Hook Slaughter to Plug Studentsfirst Organization”

  1. Michael Fiorillo Says:

    Notice how, amid the horror and loss of this event, she refers to children as “assets,” while advancing the debased premises of her front organization.

    Liar, sociopath, looter, the woman is an active, monstrous expression of Mammon in human form.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      I noticed Michael and agree with your clear eyed description. We must do all we can do to expose this woman and her campaign ( that is not a “movement” ) for what it is.

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