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Good Friday In Guantanamo

March 29, 2013
"I died waiting."

“I died waiting.”

Members of the Catholic Worker and Witness For Torture gathered together at Union Square on this, the most solemn day of the Christian calendar to remind all who passed of the appalling reality of the conditions at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba which remains open fours years after President Barack Obama promised to close the prison within a year of his first inauguration.

More than half of the 166 men at Guantanamo have been “Cleared for Release” by U.S. authorities yet linger in the prison wasting away.  For the past six weeks more than 100 of the prisoners have been maintaining a hunger strike so as to bring attention to their plight.  It has not succeeded hence the vigil in Union Square.

It is a situation that should fill every American citizen who believes in the rule of law and some semblance of human dignity with shame and horror.

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Carmen Trotta addresses the public.