8 Responses to “Richie Havens, R. I. P.”

  1. John Keenan Says:

    Very nice Patrick. As far as I can remember I saw Richie Havens only once, and that was just a few years ago. I’ve always respected Havens for his music and his character.

  2. marcos carrasquer Says:

    que la tierra te sea leve, richie

  3. joel Says:

    Once worked security at a Havens concert. Guided him off stage and then back on for an encore. He was so swept up in his music, I have to believe that he was unaware of being off stage and then back on!! What an intense musician-Bless his soul

  4. Marty B Says:

    I saw and heard Richie Havens play a number of times at the old Filmore East and other places. Although the performances are set far back in time they are timeless. Thank you for a beautiful piece Patrick.

  5. paulvhogan Says:

    “No sooner had I hit the streets
    When I met the fools that a young fool meets…”

    You’re remark about the “guitar -playing fool” , put me in mind of that lyric ( Jackson Browne, I think) and simultaneously annoyed and amused me.

    Hey where would we be w/o 18 year old guitar players?

    Then you made me choke-up at the end, you rat.

    Yeah… the man you described is pretty much the one I imagined… or the one that he seemed to be from a distance.

    In my case the distance was never any closer than the first side of the first record in the vinyl Woodstock collection. But that was quite an impression. And I listened to it about 3,000 times in the early 70s.

    Sorry to see him go. Great life, though.

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