Bloomberg Thwarted As Court Allows the Release of Cathie Black Emails

May 2, 2013
Mike and Cathie: Together Again

Mike and Cathie: Together Again

We will soon know some inside skinny about the day-to-day antics of Cathie Black, Mike Bloomberg’s preposterous replacement for the egregious federal prosecutor turned school chancellor, Joel Klein. Black’s 100 day pseudo reign as chancellor, no matter how well choreographed was nothing short of a spectacle, especially when Black chaired Bloomberg’s grotesque Panel for Educational Policy (PEP) where she was proved incapable of answering even the most basic questions and was openly jeered like I’ve seen no other public official openly jeered. More than any other maneuver by the little mayor, appointing the clueless Black to run the largest school system in America spotlighted “Education Mayor” Bloomberg’s oceanic arrogance and ignorance concerning any thing to do with education. More, Black soon became to Bloomberg what Bernie Kerik became to Rudy Giuliani — the person who called into very, very serious question either man’s basic judgment. It was only a matter of time before Bloomberg discarded poor Cathie like a used tissue, replacing her with the equally clueless Dennis Wolcott who, unlike Cathie, has mastered the art of appearing to be thoughtful and knowledgeable without actually being so.

There is a reason Bloomberg fought like hell to keep these email under wraps. The emails should be a hoot and will doubtless serve to further discredit both Bloomberg personally as well as the Department of Education he has renamed, run and ruined for over a decade. Bloomberg and has minions have hounded and degraded NYC public school teachers for what feels like forever under the pretence of holding them accountable even for things for which they can never be responsible, like the extreme poverty so many of their students grow up in. In doing so Bloomberg has made the working life of every teacher in New York city a pointless misery and has driven many fine educators right out of the field.
Bloomberg was unquestionably responsible for the appointment of Cathie Black. Let Bloomberg be held accountable. For once, let Bloomberg be held accountable.

Looking forward to a good read. And to watching Bloomberg squirm.

See article below.
Bloomberg Loses Final Appeal to Keep Emails Secret
By Nick Pinto Thu., May 2 2013 at 3:10 PM 1 Comment
Categories: Bloomberg, Courts, Secrets

All legal avenues exahusted, Bloomberg must make public emails concerning the hiring of Cathie Black.
Mayor Bloomberg’s fight to keep emails concerning the hiring Cathie Black, whose catastrophic career as school chancellor lasted all of 100 days, has finally ended, and Bloomberg has lost.
The story stretches back to 2010, when Sergio Hernandez, then a Village Voice intern, filed a Freedom of Information Law request for emails related to Black’s hiring. The city first delayed, then refused. Hernandez appealed, and the city refused again. So he sued, represented pro bono by Schlam Stone & Dolan, and he won.

But the Bloomberg administration really didn’t want to let those emails see the light of day; it spent upwards of $25,000 in taxpayer funds fighting the case, appealing to succesively higher courts, consistently losing every time.

Finally, today, the state’s highest court declined to hear the final appeal. The city will have to abide by the initial ruling, which called the city’s arguments “particularly specious” and “wholly devoid of merit,” and required it to turn over the emails to Hernandez within 15 days.

A call to the New York City Law Department was not returned by the time this was posted — we’ll update when we receive their comment.

For his part, Hernandez, who now works as senior business editor for The Week and as a freelance contributor for ProPublica, says he welcomes the court’s denial of Bloomberg’s appeal. “This is their last stop,” he said. “It’s a relief to finally have it over with. I’ll be curious to see what’s in the emails.”
He told the Voice he intends to write about what he finds, and is talking with news outlets interested in publishing what he writes.

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4 Responses to “Bloomberg Thwarted As Court Allows the Release of Cathie Black Emails”

  1. Michael Fiorillo Says:

    Great post, Patrick, and the anticipation of what’s in those emails, and their hoped-for discrediting of Bloomberg, is sweet, indeed.

  2. Rick mangone Says:

    I wonder if the emails will be as complete as the tapes Richard Nixon was forced to turn over, I mean how long will the gap be between e mails?

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Don’t know Rick but I imagine it is more difficult to destroy emails than it is tapes — esp when there is only one copy of the tape. Let us see…

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