Why Does Iris Blige Still Have a Job ?

May 12, 2013
The Abominable Ms. Blige

The Abominable Ms. Blige

Bronx principal Iris Blige has made the news again and again it is not for academic achievement. Some may remember Blige from of a couple of years back when she ordered underlings to try and destroy the careers of a number of teachers who had the terrible luck of working under her. ( See here.http://gothamschools.org/2011/01/21/bronx-principal-keeps-her-job-after-imperiling-the-jobs-of-others/) or here https://raginghorse.wordpress.com/2011/02/15/iris-blige-and-bloomberg’s-doe-beyond-good-and-evil/ )

Somehow, after paying a fine, Ms. Blige was allowed to retain her job. And here she is again accused of ordering a teacher into a closet. And why shouldn’t she ? What has she to fear ? If you can attempt to strip someone of his or her livelihood and merely be made to pay a fine, what could be the consequence of ordering a teacher into a closet? At least they’re receiving a paycheck, no?

A question: in what other profession can an administrator treat a fellow professional with such naked cruelty and contempt and still be working?

If there is one individual who can be said to embody the essence of the attitude towards teachers in a Department of Educations run dictatorially by Mayor Mike Bloomberg that person is Iris Blige.

May the next mayor have the courage and the decency to insure that such barbaric behavior never darken our schools again. No person should ever be treated as this person has been allowed to treat them. This is beyond disgrace.

Addendum: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/bronx/bronx-teacher-forced-sit-closet-lawsuit-article-1.1336767


2 Responses to “Why Does Iris Blige Still Have a Job ?”

  1. Marlene May Says:

    That ‘closet’ was a former dean’s office, a parent coordinator’s office and has several windows!

  2. Madame LaFarge Says:

    Hold on a minute, there’s a correlation between the nomination of Penny Pritzker and the continued appointment of principal Iris Blige!

    Penny Pritzker’s Hyatt Hotel turned the hotel’s heat lamps on workers picketing the hotel in 100 degree Chicago summer weather. Is that in the same vein as ordering an employee to step into a closet, both actions untenable and ABUSIVE!! Oh my, isn’t that corporal punishment?

    Read more about it here and sign, if you wish, to urge senators to reject Obama’s dismal nominations of Pritzker and Wheeler.

    click here:


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