Ginsberg’s Spirit Alive and Well in Tompkins Square

May 31, 2013
Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg

The indomitable spirit of Allen Ginsberg was felt this evening in Tompkins Square where a host of poets took turns reading lines from Ginsberg’s transcendent Howl to kick off the first day of the three day Howl Festival. The reading of Howl was preceded by readings of original poems by many of the same poets, including Eliot Katz.

Reading Howl

Reading Howl

It felt good to hear poetry sung out in the park with abandon. It felt very good to once again take in a bit of the the brilliant defiance and imagination of Allen Ginsberg.

Information on the festival can be found at


2 Responses to “Ginsberg’s Spirit Alive and Well in Tompkins Square”

  1. newcombat Says:

    Ha! Nice.
    Here’s an interview I did with him in 1988 — talking all about the Lower East Side and Tompkins Sq

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