Fair Contracts For All Rally

June 12, 2013
Teacher  and Unionist Fred Arcoleo

Teacher and Unionist Fred Arcoleo

Despite the fact that Mayor Mike Bloomberg has allowed the contracts for all 152 city unions locals to expire, despite the coming mayoral race, despite the beautiful weather, the Fair Contracts For All Rally in City Hall Park was, to put it mildly, underwhelming.

United Federation of Teachers, its members still reeling from a recently released toxic evaluation plan, had by far the largest and most animated turn out.

The poor turn out by other city workers does not bode well for anyone except those who wish to eviscerate unions altogether.




2 Responses to “Fair Contracts For All Rally”

  1. paulvhogan Says:

    Confession: I didn’t go. I know it’s heresy… but I couldn’t see dragging my ass to lower Manhattan for yet another pointless chanting and screaming, UFT leadership-inspired exercise in pointlessness and futility.

    What’s happening to teachers in NYC is not going to be appreciably impacted by turning-out to hear speeches by extravagently-compensated, well-connected union leaders who have little interest in ( and NO loyalty to) teaching as a profession in the first place.

    There are better ways. I’m not sure that the 18% turnout in the last UFT election means that most people have already figured this out or….much more ominously… don’t know that they even HAVE a union. ( In the latter case, I’m not so sure they’re wrong.) Probably a combination of the two.

    I’m not giving up the fight. Just mulling more effective ( I hope) approaches.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Yours is not heresy, Paul. The heretics were running the rally. I don’t blame you for not being there. Keep the faith!

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