ChangetheStakes Bemoans the Chaos and Incompetence of Education Under Bloomberg

June 27, 2013
Changethestakes's Jane Maisel with parents and Councilman Robert Jackson on the steps of Tweed

Changethestakes’s Jane Maisel with parents and Councilman Robert Jackson on the steps of Tweed

The parent activist group ChangetheStakes held a press conference this afternoon on the steps of Tweed, the Department of Education headquarters to bring attention to the continuing chaos of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s policies and the incompetence of the DOE bureaucracy.

The parents drew attention to the fact that over the past few weeks the DOE has sent letters to thousands of students informing them that they have not been promoted despite their passing and even excellent grades. The letters have baffled and enraged parents, teachers and principals in equal numbers. As with so much of education in the age of accountability, the discussions are based entirely on standardized test scores and have no reliable protocol in place for those parents who have their children opt out of the test.

Parent after parent told of their misery in dealing with the clueless DOE and how such incompetence has utterly disrupted their lives.

Present for the entire press conference was Councilman Robert Jackson who also spoke out against the harmful dependence on standardized tests and the chaos of the DOE under Bloomberg.
Several parents pointed out the fact that, despite Tweed’s relentless championing of teacher accountability, there is no accountability measures or methods for the leadership at Tweed whatsoever, nor has their been for the entirely


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