Bloomberg Again Attempts to Extend his Education Policies into Successor’s Term

July 18, 2013
A parent speaks out against Bloomberg's weasel  maneuver.

A parent speaks out against Bloomberg’s weasel maneuver.

Not content with circumventing two referendums establishing term limits at two terms or eight years, multi- billionaire Mayor Mike R. Bloomberg is now attempting to extend his disastrous educational policies and hence his third term into a 13th, 14th and 15th year – or well into the mayoralty of his successor at City Hall.

Almost certainly such arrogance and contempt for the democratic process is without precedence, even in New York.


Some weeks ago it was reported that Bloomberg had hired a PR firm to finagle some way into saddling the next mayor with his much loathed and transparently incompetent Children’s First Network. Bloomberg’s latest circumvention of democracy is to attempt to insidiously cement plans for a dozen or more new co-locations — giving charter schools free space in public schools — that would begin after he leaves office. In effect, Bloomberg is attempting to use his final months in power to create what is in some ways a forth term as mayor.

Attempting to cut the process off before it begins, the United Federation of Teachers announced a lawsuit against the move at a rally today on the steps of City Hall. Despite the sweltering heat, the rally was well attended and supported by teachers, parent activists, community organizations, several City Councilman as well as several candidates. All spoke in unambiguous terms of their rejection of Bloomberg’s intent and his tactics.

None seemed saddened at the prospect of seeing the back of this bitter, small, very, very rich man.

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