Checking Out at Whole Foods

July 31, 2013


Standing in the checkout line in downtown Whole-Foods trying to buy some blueberries when I notice the eerie computer voiced line director (what are those things called?) sending person after person to a line where the transaction is still in process. Customers are pissed or confused and the poor cashiers are stressed out of their minds and profusely apologetic.

“You’ve got to get someone to fix this gizmo, “ I say to the beautiful African born cashier when I arrive at the checkout. “No, no,” she replies, “ it’s not broken. We are. They used to give us ten seconds a customer before it send another. They’ve cut it down to five. We can’t keep up.”

All the time she’s saying this she’s moving like a speed freak, as are all the other cashiers.

I tell her I’m going to speak to her manager and a look of fear covers her face. “ Don’t tell them you talked to me,” she says. “ Don’t tell them my name.” I assure her I won’t and can’t find him anyway.

And so it goes. Yet another casual example of absolute subordination to gratuitous technology, a little more evidence that we lack the moral and spiritual maturity to deal humanely with the gadgetry we are constantly improving and constantly employing to degrade each other as we engage in this a-human idiot corporate dream of ever more efficient efficiency, whatever the cost in human dignity.


12 Responses to “Checking Out at Whole Foods”

  1. Madame deFarge Says:

    Yes, a behind the scenes destroyer. And just think, Hillary can be up next.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Yes, but somehow she does not strike me as conniving as Bill. She would have been better, I believe, than Obama. But point taken.

      • Madame deFarge Says:

        I do agree with you. Hillary should have had the nomination in 2008. If I recall, Hillary pushed for single payer years ago and was slammed for it.
        But in the intervening years she was on the board of Walmart. That speaks volumes.

        We need a new government.

        • patrickwalsh Says:

          She also was the sole candidate that did not buy into the destruction of the public school system and teacher unions. It is also impossible to even gauge the long term destructive effects of RTTT, never mind NSA, and all the rest this strange man has signed on to. I did not know about Walmart and agree, it speaks volumes.

          We need a new vision of reality. We need compassion. We need wisdom. We need love. The real kind that is based on understanding. Out of that might grow a new form of government.

          • Madame DeFarge Says:

            This new form of government can only be built when our society recognizes that every citizen becomes important when we think about the OTHER.

            At the present time our citizens and non-citizens are busy thinking only about themselves, maybe their devices and celebrity. We need to grasp that caring about the other encompasses and takes care of ALL.

            In France, the most important goal of early childhood education is to inculcate a strong sense of other. This does not show up at all in our educational system. I haven’t noticed this mentioned in CCSS. In fact, it is the antithesis of the current mindset.

            Just found this information about Hillary, scroll down to #4:


            • patrickwalsh Says:

              We seek the same place but take different routes. To me, the recognition of the OTHER is a result of spiritual maturity and can only result from spiritual maturity even as it has the most profound and desired political effects.

              Will look into Hillary in a bit. In the middle of writing a blog which you will receive sometime today.

              Thank you for this.

  2. Madame LaFarge Says:

    Yes, Mackay expounds upon Conscientious Capitalism. Is that Walmart’s brand of capitalism? Corporate Welfare?

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      “Conscientious capitalism!” I like that.

      • Madame dearge Says:

        My mistake, it’s Conscious Capitalism.
        From wikipedia:
        Conscious business enterprises and people (also called conscious capitalism) are those seeking awareness of the effects of their actions and implementing practices that benefit both human beings and the environment. The conscious business movement, which emerged from the theory of corporate social responsibility, pushes for “values-based” economic values where values represent social and environmental concerns at both global and local scales. This effort is related to not-just-for-profit business models, conscious consumerism, and socially responsible investing.

        Yeah, right. Kind of the Clinton model of government.

  3. Michael Fiorillo Says:

    Whole Foods, with its insane prices, phony pwogwessive rhetoric and imagery, and abusive treatment of employees – John Mackey, its founder, is notoriously anti-union – is EEEVILL… EEEVILL…

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