The Conspicuous Silence of Campbell Brown

August 4, 2013

Hi!  I'm Campbell Brown.

Hi! I’m Campbell Brown.

Days after news reports of a Malik Taylor, a New York city Public school “dean” charged with and confessing to multiple counts of statutory rape, self appointed professional sexual-predator-monitor Campbell Brown has remained, to my knowledge, oddly silent. That much more odd given the horrific nature of the story and Taylor’s confession. So far, the only statement I can find on the Internet is that Brown twittered AFT President Randi Weingarten a news report of the case.

This is strange when you consider that Brown, who has parlayed her status as a former TV journalist into endless access to both print and TV media, has in the past two years spent considerable energy and skill working to terrify New York City parents into believing that the United Federation of Teachers ( UFT ) is, for some demonic reason, forever working to insure that confirmed pedophiles be allowed to teach our children. Moreover, Brown insinuates, the union is so all powerful that no politician dare try to stop them.
Why, a reasonable person might ask, would a teacher’s union protect sexual predators ?
Because it is evil.

So horrible is the problem and so diabolical the union, Brown and her and her backers were moved to create The Parent Transparency Project, yet another billionaire backed non profit organization out to enlighten naive parents about the true nature of evil teachers and their evil unions. ( See Parent Revolution, Educators 4 Excellence, Teach For America, and many, many more.)
Indeed, PTP has injected itself into the mayor’s race with a spooky horror film inspired ad ( “They Know !” ) meant to frighten the bejesus out of all who see it.
Brown’s problem with UFT? The horrible union insists that teachers accused of wrong doing of any kind be granted their constitutional rights and given due process.

Brown’s problem with due process: Some of the teachers, indeed, most of the teachers are found innocent of the charges. Brown would like to see such teachers fired and their lives ruined anyway: a desire that, coincidentally, matches exactly that of Mayor Mike Bloomberg on this issue. Indeed, I’d bet dollars to donuts that just, as Educators for Excellence would not exist for five seconds without financing from DFER and The Gates Foundation, nor would The Parents Transparency Project last longer than a smoke ring without the backing of Uncle Mike.

Just a hunch, mind you.

Brown’s and Bloomberg’s solution to this situation: send due process the way of the plateosaurus and allow the Chancellor of Education, whoever that God-like person may be, dictatorial power to override any judgment he or she cares to, evidence and truth be damned.

For Brown and her backers, life is simple. Union = bad. Department of Education = good.

So, it is in a sense curious that Brown would be silent in the face of the horrific story of Malik Taylor. Curious, that is, unless you know that Taylor was allowed to do what he did exclusively because of the malfeasance of administrators of the very DOE in which Brown finds such comfort, wisdom and integrity. Taylor, as I stated in an earlier post, was hired for a dubious DC37 clerical position called community associate meaning that Taylor had no business dealing in anyway with children, never mind being alone with them, never mind in the capacity of dean, by definition a teacher’s position.
There is no way on earth that, Joshua Solomon, the principal who appointed Taylor “dean”, was unaware of this fact. There is no way on earth that at least some of the Network, those who work on the budget, for example, were equally unaware.

The fact is that by allowing Malik Taylor to masquerade as a teacher in a teacher’s position thereby allowing him access to the school’s most vulnerable students, all of the above share responsibly for his confessed crimes.
But back to Brown.
My suspicion in that Brown and her backers have been made aware of this malfeasance, even as it has been skillfully or ignorantly kept from the general public. To bring attention to this case, Brown would be forced to do her avenging angel routine to the very institution – the DOE — she is tacitly arguing is infallible and, in doing so, expose facts they most surely wish to hide. And you can rest assured there are many, many other unqualified, uncertified, “deans” quietly hidden in the New York City Public school system.

Effective propaganda works by seizing a narrative — preferably one revolving around hidden powers and fear — and repeating it in as many forms as you can, endlessly over. This is the modus operandi of The Parent Transparency Project. The horrible story of “Dean” Malik Taylor exposes Brown’s libelous narrative of an evil, all-powerful teacher’s union and infallible DOE for what it is: propaganda. Moreover, Taylor’s story cannot be honestly addressed without exposing that which must remain hidden for the propaganda artist to succeed.

Moreover, the story of Malik Taylor strongly suggests that what is needed is not a Parents Transparency Project but a Department of Education Transparency Project — and one not funded by billionaires.

By her silence Brown exposes the true purpose and agenda The Parents Transparency Project: to skillfully and willfully spread lies designed to strike terror into the hearts of parents, the better to turn them against the teachers union, the sooner to discredit and destroy it, the quicker the privatization of the public school system.
Just as surely as Brown’s confederates in the “reform” campaign are doing nothing less than experimenting with other people’s children, Brown’s silence shows that she is doing nothing less than playing politics with the lives and safety of other people’s children.


11 Responses to “The Conspicuous Silence of Campbell Brown”

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  2. […] omits any mention of Brown’s prior foray into “education reform”, the billionaire backedParent Transparency Group which, like the Partnership for Educational Justice, was created for the sole purpose of […]

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  4. Barbara Says:

    It is interesting to note that when the TV ads of the Parents’ Transparency Project first appeared, there were pictures of all six major mayoral candidates. Within two weeks there were only four. Quinn and Lhota were MIA. Who was behind that move? Bloomberg and his multi-millionaire minions who are natural supporters of these two, of course! Again, Bloomberg fails the transparency test.

  5. nycurbaned Says:

    Nice post. I always felt she was silent because the current system of due process worked in this case (once, that is, that he was caught). Not much to complain about when it works out the way it is supposed to.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      This was not due process but rather being caught in the act. My point was that for Campbell is silent because Taylor is outside her narrative of evil teacher protected by evil union. The fact that this guy was acting as a dean in a gross betrayal of parental trust. What’s the position of the Parent Transparency Project on that ?

  6. ellen keaey Says:

    Never liked Campbell Brown.

  7. Jack Says:

    How would Campbell Brown’s actions be different if Malik Brown were a tenured, UFT member?

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      I’m assuming you mean Malik Taylor. I could only imagine she’d be all over the news howling about child molesting teachers if Taylor was a UFT teacher. My point is this: the purpose of the Parents Transparency Project is simply to defame the UFT and help Bloomberg further weaken the union by giving the chancellor the right to dismiss teachers because of allegations. Campbell is positing a DOE that is, in effect, infallible. The fact is that Taylor was able to do what he did when he had no right to even be alone with a single student. The DOE has taken no responsibility for allowing this to occur. None at all. And Ms. Brown has refused to even acknowledged it happened.

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