For In My Soul

August 15, 2013

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For In My Soul

Each day I rise,
Each day I rise up determined to see the sky,
But then my eyes,
But then my eyes they adjust, for I need survive;
Shrink me down to here , shrink me down to where the sun
Is only some thing there

But in my soul turns the fire, the fire of pride.


Each day my tears,
Each day my tears they spill out,
Oh so secretly,
and then my fear.
And then my fear and my doubt
Blind me not to see;
See the circle spin, see me caged within, within
Seeking some to sin to blame

But in my soul, for in my soul yearns,
The fire the fire of love.


Each day I know,
Each day I know I’m not yet,
Though I’m frayed and worn.
Each day I go,
Each day I go to the river
There to be born,
Someday this shall be,
Someday soon I shall be free
And on that day I ‘ll sing
For in my soul, for in my soul,
Burns the fire, the fire of God


Words and music by Patrick James Walsh
All rights reserved 2007 ASCAP


2 Responses to “For In My Soul”

  1. john keenan Says:

    Hi Patrick,

    I get a little bit behind on email. Thanks for sharing that. Well done.


    Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 14:28:10 +0000 To:

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