The Triumph of Plutocracy: How Bill Gates Dictates American Educational Policy

August 28, 2013

Randi and Bill: Weingarten personally invited Bill Gates to be the keynote speaker at a national AFT Convention in an effort to promote “dialogue.” Bill. however, had come to co-opt the union. He did.

Gates and Randi

In a brilliant post that hopefully will be read from coast to coast, Mercedes Schneider provides evidence to what many suspected or even knew but could not prove: to wit, that the deceitfully named Common Core States Standards Initiative has been almost entirely funded by Bill Gates, including its promotion and implementation. In doing so, Schneider revels much more.

All of it is appalling and extremely disturbing in what it reveals about who is running our school system.

By exposing the role Gate’s money played in virtually every aspect of the immense project, Schneider exposes the two institutionalized lies at the heart of Common Core promotion: the first is that the Common Core is “state led ” rather than “Gates led” ( as Ms. Schneider put it) : the second is that the Common Core was created by teachers rather than education industrialists and entrepreneurs like David Coleman. (Revealingly, despite being considered ” the architect” of the project, Coleman’s name is absent from the CCSI website. )

Schneider’s post is an astounding and chilling document in so far as it shows how the cooperation of virtually every educational organization of note and influence in America has been co-opted by money from Gates’s limitless bank account. It shows, that is, a betrayal of trust of an astounding depth. How many parents across America know, for example, that the National Congress of Parents and Teachers were given a gift of $499,962 by the Gates’ Foundation? How many believe that a person like Gates “gives” anything without demanding much more in return ?
For teachers, the cruelest blows are the $5,400,000 accepted by American Federation of Teachers and the $3.9 million accepted by the National Education Association. This is beyond grotesque. Such “gifts” expose for all to see the moral rot at the leadership levels of our unions. It shows us that we have been, at best, orphaned if not out right betrayed by the very institutions that exist to protect us – that we pay to protect us. It shows us how desperately we need new leadership.

Common Core State Standards and the intrinsically connected high stakes testing and the intrinsically connected Value Added Measures are now the central nervous system of our public schools. That this is almost entirely the work of a private citizen who is rich enough and ruthless enough to impose his will on an entire nation wholly outside of the legislative apparatus in which we base our democracy should send chills down the spine of every American who believes in political freedom. Gates and his enablers — who are just as culpable — mock our democracy with the smiling acceptance of every dime and the spouting of every lie.
Such an attack on basic democratic principles is ignored or accepted at grave risk.

Nation at Risk, the Ur-document of education reform was published in 1983. It’ most often repeated line was the following: “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the mediocre educational performance that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. “
The “mediocre educational performance “ was bombast then and is bombast now and has been proven to be ideologically based.
But allow me to paraphrase the sentence in light of Schneider’s information: “If an unfriendly foreign power had attempted to impose on America the plutocracy that exists today, we might well have viewed it as an act of war. “

It is an act of war: class war. And it should be viewed as such and reacted to as such.

Schneider’s post is potentially explosive. It is a document that should be read and studied by every teacher, every parent, every concerned citizen and every high school student in America. We have the right to know who is undermining our democratic processes and who is helping them to do so. We have the obligation to expose them and stop them before it is too late.

Thank you, Mercedes Schneider, for your noble and brilliant work.

8 Responses to “The Triumph of Plutocracy: How Bill Gates Dictates American Educational Policy”

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    • patrickwalsh Says:

      I cannot disagree. But for the sake of my child and my own self respect I am compelled to fight these bastards till the bitter end.

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  3. Urban Teacher Says:

    I was trained today in Core Knowledge curriculum. It is scripted to the point that the teacher walks around the classroom with the manual in hand. It is so complicated and confusing that the teacher is expected to prepare beforehand by going over the directions. I was examining a first grade lesson and I could barely make heads or tails of it.

    We have been betrayed by the AFT and our local affiliates.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      We have been and we must band together to correct this. If we don’t we will be crushed.

      • You are so right, Patrick. Right now, we all come to blogs like this and gather information and network . Perhaps in our cyber and earthy travels it behooves us to reach beyond the choir,.we can leave links to blogs like this one on pages that may not be exactly educational. I recently took up the Walmart cause.they are striking and with good cause but most teachers do not realize Walmart is behind scams like pareny trigger and the TFA who are replacing teachers….believe me, Bill Gates pays people to bash teachers in editoreials, comment sections ad the news. Oligarchs defamed occupy protestors and created fears about state pensionsthat demonized teachers. Yep, propoganda os powerful. It plays on peoples fears.and what these billionaires are doing is just so difficult to grasp unless you know what it means to be a sociopath. There is no low they will not sink to take more money and power from the people. Even the lttle ones are little more than livestock. They call them ” assets” and teachers “human capital”– twisted .
        I think our best bet is young people. They are the most socially active generation since the hippies and they can mobilize in no time,
        It may be difficult for them to fully comprehend all this, i feel the last few years I have really been going hard and heavy to catch up. And I am a teacher. Well, I was., in LA they are purging us so ruthlessly. It is clear our unions got the memo. I am not one who had 30 years in and was about to vest, but they are the favored targets. Then there are whistle blowers like me.
        The funny thing is I was part of that Gates SLC experiement. It kinda worked in that we had a string ethical leader, collaborative spirit and we were afforded autonomy. But no sooner did we pull our small learning communities together, bring up our scores and make historic gains when that leadership was replaced. They pulled the rug out from under us just wnen we were getting momentum. Teacher driven paradigms were the lure that made us buy in to all this work and students appreciated the themes, incentives and progressive appproach we were encouraged to take in class. In man ways those are the best days of my life and whst followed are the worst. Even the admin got seriously burned by this. Our success got the school a QEIA grant . It was a curse. We never enoyed the smaller class soze or got to realize pur school plan, Broad installed principals at the schools that were on the rise andtgey crushed them and punished teachers. It was and is brutal. Teavhers are still in the thick of it, dreading their own uncertain future with 50 kids in class, and imparitive to improve their scores and everyone apparently sabotaging their efforts,. Broadies propped up the pretense of slcs, cheated on the tests, tore our staff apart. The kids were back in the streets. Violence was incredible. In 2012 this small town in the habor had 11 dead teens, most killed by other teens.
        Teachers were being driven out, displaced and put in teacher jail. That school is the heart of this community. But neither one is likely to recover.
        By usurping communitues, erasing institutional memories, dividing and conquering, confounding and confusing , the plutocrats conspire against the masses. We are so much less without each other.
        They know this. But dont see us as quite human. In their minds they are good people who are doing good for folks who arent able to know what is good for them.
        Yes, it hubris, not to mention lunacy, but I still insist they are evil. They are shrouding all they do in deceptive terms, calling themselves philanthropists and exacting cintrol over the outcomes by influencing the media, creating astro turf and bribing judges, union chairs and installing BOE members, superintendents and even mayors. However, their puppets facilitate much of this betrayal on school boards, in politics, organizations like UNITED WAY, teacher unions, NPR..And this empowers us againt them .
        We have to boycott common core, recall elected officials who do not serve the public interests. We must vote wisely, sign and write petitions, study codes and become active. We must see beyond ourselves.
        I urge all readers to drive by Wal Mart on Black Friday with bottles of water for strikers, perhaps a word or two of encouragement, if you can, sign petitions for a working wage and healthcare. After all, taxpayers have to pick up the Walton’s slack even though they churn out an average of $8 million in profits each day.
        While you are there, mention the common core. There is one thing we know for sure, if we do not agree to it the investment is a bust for Bill Gates and the other elitists telling parents and teachers how to educate our children. This requires a “weed ” roots movement. We have to be as tenacious and as wicked as those dandilions that spread so swiftly it catches you by surprise to see them. The white moms in burbs blazing trails at this very moment make me think this turkey day we can do this . Face book, send the common core concerns to your nephew in 9th grade, to the neighbor who votes often, and why not discuss it over pie? Comment in on the stories you read about this forward to freinds and family, talk to other parents and teachers. Spread the word.
        Let folks know billionaires are turning tests into profts and our students are paying for it, as are their teachers.
        By the way, boycott that damned walmart will ya!

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