Farewell to Pete Seeger

January 28, 2014

pete s

For over six decades Pete Seeger embodied the very best of the human spirit: courage, creativity, integrity and undying compassion. Beginning with my earliest memories, Seeger was a presence, somehow, in every home I’ve ever had anywhere I’ve ever been: a presence, somehow, that reminded one of beauty, yes, but also of duty and responsibility and of the fact that, even in our isolation, we are not alone.

Rest in peace, noble and fearless soul. And thank you for all you brought us.

6 Responses to “Farewell to Pete Seeger”

  1. Scott Aldrich Says:

    A lion of a man. He will be missed and hopefully his life will inspire others to be so brave.

  2. I’ve listened to him since I was a child. No one can take his place.

  3. ileneonwords Says:

    Every year I taught my students about Pete Seeger and taught them his songs and I hoped bring about a little more humanity into this world and the world these children were growing up in. I hope they passed it on. I hope something clicked in their minds today when they heard (IF they heard) this great man, this great humanist, died.

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