Resentful Moskowitz Whines About a Lack of Transparency

February 23, 2014
Eva and Joel in happier times.

Eva and Joel in happier times.

File this under black comedy.

Eva Moskowitz, whose emails between herself and former NYC Education Chancellor Joel Klein required a FOIL to be made public, is complaining of a “lack of transparency” in the NYC Board of Education concerning charter schools, in particular her chain of charter schools. This is rich considering the fact that for years Moskowitz used her cozy relationships with Klein and Mike Bloomberg to make back room deals in which vast parcels of public school space was handed over to her Success Academy chain via Bloomberg’s shills on his repugnant Panel for Education Policy (PEP). But it is also indicative of Moskowitz’s post-Bloomberg fall from extreme privilege as well as a movement in the right direction by Chancellor Farina and Mayor De Blasio.

Compare these two articles, one that came out yesterday, the other from four years ago.

Things appear to be moving in the right direction. May they continue to do so. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that Moskowitz and her billionaire backers are plotting the downfall of both Farina and de Blasio and anyone else in their way night and day.


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