Rally To Support de Blasio and Public Schools in Harlem Tomorrow, March 10 from 4:00 -5:00

March 9, 2014

Where: Outside PS/ MS 149
When : March 10, 4: 00- 5:00
41 W. 117th St between Lennox Ave and Fifth
Subway: 2 or 3 to 116th

Even as Mayor Bill de Blasio’s handling of the issue of charter school co-locations has disappointed many, it has signaled the end of the era when the likes of entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz is granted what ever entrepreneur Eva Moskowitz wants, regardless of how many public school children are displaced, short changed and treated as if they are second rate citizens. Over the past week and more, Moskowitz has received absurdly favorable press in New York City papers, even as she once again removed children from schools during school hours, this time to bus them to Albany as if they were adult lobbyists. After years of incredibly favorable treatment by the Bloomberg administration, de Blasio has had the political courage to stand up to Moskowitz and her billionaire backers. As a result, Moskowitz and her friends in the media are doing all they can to paint her and Success Academies as victims and create the false appearance of overwhelming public support for Moskowiz and the horrific and destructive policies of Mike Bloomberg. They have flooded the air-waves with slick, heart tugging commercials, engaging in a multi-million dollar public relations campaign designed to do nothing less than trick the public into forgetting that de Blasio won by a margin of 75% over Joe Llota, in large part because of de Blasio’s rejection of Bloomberg’s education policies, of which Moskowitz is such a perfect example. Tomorrow we have an opportunity to once again reaffirm the public will, let Moskowitiz’s billionaires know that they do not own our schools and our city, and let de Blasio know he is not alone.
Please, if you can, come and let your voices be heard loud and clear. Come and remind Moskowitz’s billionaire backers that we live in a democracy. Above all, come and help insure that all of our children are shown the dignity that all children deserve.

Patrick Walsh
Chapter Leader
PS/ MS 149

3 Responses to “Rally To Support de Blasio and Public Schools in Harlem Tomorrow, March 10 from 4:00 -5:00”

  1. Adam Levine Says:

    Did any media show up?

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Yes. Quite a bit. From where I stood it was a successful rally. How it is presented in the media, however, is another story altogether.

  2. paulvhogan Says:

    The tabloid billionaires can’t read their own copy:

    di Blasio WON. They LOST.

    There’s a new sheriff in town.

    I’ll be at the rally.

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