A Billionaire’s Bullet Through the Heartland: Kansas Kills Due Process for Teachers

April 7, 2014

So today I learn that the Kansas state legislature has done away with due process for teachers. I write those words and still can’t quite believe them. What kind of people think this is a good idea? What kind of people see any good coming out of this? What kind of person would become a teacher under these circumstances?

America becomes more and more unrecognizable by the month. And more cruel. And more grotesque. In California yet another billionaire educational messiah awaits the verdict of a trial designed to wipe out due process in that state. For the kids, of course.

And I know Andrew Cuomo would love to please his billionaire benefactors in New York by delivering a “death penalty” to due process here if he could. And who knows, maybe he can. There certainly doesn’t seem to be anything stopping him from doing whatever he damn well pleases. Who would have thought he would be able to forge what is, in effect, a fourth term for Mike Bloomberg with the outrageous privileges he granted charter schools last week at the behest of his billionaire pals on Wall Street?

So what if Bill de Blasio was elected mayor. What difference does that make to billionaires ?

This country bears almost no resemblance to the land I was born in. That’s insane but it is true. It bears even less resemblance to any country I want to live in. That’s terrifying but just as true.

I am not alone in these fears and feelings.
Something has got to break.


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