Night Thoughts at Noon

April 8, 2014

night t

It is at 12:05 am, my lunch hour. Outside my door I hear the voices of children, laughing and playing, joyful in their innocence of the world that awaits them. Behind other doors, the doors of my colleagues, I know there is silence and the stares of those who worry: Will I have a job next year ? Will this school be closed? Will the charter school take my room ? How will I feed my kids if I’m fired ? Who are the people doing this and what more do they want ?

The sickening feeling, years now in the making, of the ground forever cracking beneath your feet, that whatever you do will not be good enough, that schemes such as Danielson will be used to keep you forever on edge, forever fearful like a cat in a corner sensing the presence of a cruel unseen master, is as pervasive as the voices of children.

Is this the way to run a school system? Of course, not. But it is how to destroy one.


2 Responses to “Night Thoughts at Noon”

  1. paulvhogan Says:


    Ms. Danielson’s contribution to this struggle is the invention of the “hostile work environment in-a-box”. Completely self-contained and eminently portable. The very definition of “setting up to fail.”

    No one could teach that way. Nor SHOULD they.

    Mr. Mulgrew, curiously, *loves* her. Teachers have to “get used to having administrators in their classrooms,” he is said to have remarked at a recent DA.

    I’m guessing that this will NOT apply to many DOE employees who are in his inner circle, connected to him by blood or friendship.

    I think MM ought to volunteer to tape a Danielson demo lesson. He has much to teach us.

    Hang in there.


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