Cuomo Channels Milton Friedman

October 28, 2014


There is no living politician I dislike and distrust more than Andrew Cuomo – even if Mike Bloomberg, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama come disturbingly close. That said, even as Clinton and Obama have pushed the Democratic Party further and further to the right, systemically eviscerating whatever paltry buffer America has ever allowed against the savagery of unregulated capital, neither ever drifted so right as to refer to a sacred trust such as public education as “ a public monopoly, “as did Andrew Cuomo to the editorial board of the New York Daily News.

We must listen very hard to this kind of language. And we must understand very clearly that this is not merely not the language of the traditional Democratic Party. It is not even the traditional language of the Republican Party. It is, in fact, the language of the Milton Friedman wing of the Republican Party which, until the advent of Ronald Reagan (blessed be his name!) and George W. Bush, was justifiably considered the party’s lunatic wing and rightly kept more or less under wraps. It is the language of the defunct John Birch Society. It is the language of union busting. It is the language of a quantum leap into outright corporate fascism.

See Chile under Pinochet to see where this road leads.

And yet here we have the Democratic governor of the state of New York proudly mouthing this vicious, suicidal madness concerning what is arguably the most important public institution in our history. Make no mistake about it: This should be read as nothing less than a declaration of war against the enfeebled remains of the social contract itself.

One would have to be out of one’s mind to vote for this monstrous, driven man who, with his reptilian eyes on the presidency, will do anything to anyone to endear himself to his oligarchic masters.

Addendum: I’m casting my vote for Hawkins/ Jones and urge you to do the same.

One Response to “Cuomo Channels Milton Friedman”

  1. rastamick Says:

    Meanwhile Karen Magoo the NYSUT marionette dancing at the end of UFT’s strings channels all of her Big Bill Haywood union courage, steps up and pronounces Cuomo’s declaration of war to be “a distraction.” There’s your Revive NYUST team showing their true colors. Meanwhile Marvelous Martin Messner frowns and insists it’s not a game of monopoly. Amen to that Marty. Kinda like your version of leadership, it’s a game of SORRY.

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