Thousands Gather For Eric Garner

December 4, 2014


Surrounded by an army of silent cops, far beneath the whirl of hovering helicopters, illuminated by an almost full moon, a crowd of thousands gathered in the chilly evening air of Foley Square to protest the non – indictment of NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo whose choke hold killed an unarmed Eric Garner in August.

Bearing signs carrying messages such as “ Our Democracy Can’t Breathe”, “Death By Cop” and “Black Lives Matter”, a crowd consisting of all races and ranging in ages from babies to octogenarians stood largely speaking quietly among themselves in peaceful protest. Here and there, one heard a chant.

Somehow, despite the horrific genesis of the gathering and the seemingly endless slaughter of black men at the hands of police, there was a strange beauty and profound dignity to the event.


Home, I have received word that the crowd is on the move in the thousands.


I have heard helicopters over my home for the past two hours.

eg 2

EG 1

Thank you John A. for the pics.


3 Responses to “Thousands Gather For Eric Garner”

  1. rastamick Says:

    I am a little reluctant to write about this one as I only get so far before my guts go sour and I feel tears boiling down my face. Eric Garner’s murder hurts in a very shocking way that doesn’t lend itself to soothing words or thoughts. This country is long overdue for revolution. Thanks for putting this up Patrick and Michael for representing those of us who can’t be there.

  2. Michael Fiorillo Says:

    I was there, and the crowd was serious, good natured and determined. Lots of red and black flags, as always, but also parents with babies and young children, high school students and just people.

    I was there for the shut down of the Brooklyn Bridge and Broadway, and fortunately the NYPD had the good sense to fall back and let things happen.

    No kettling of the protestors, and the people took over their streets; it was very exhilarating, and perhaps leads one to think/hope that They overstepped badly by brazenly letting this cop walk.

    People are fed up with the repression on all levels: unable to find legitimate work, or getting squeezed at work, in the financial and health care systems, and then getting abused by the people paid to “protect” – one of the better chants last night, directed at the NYPD: “Who do you protect? Who do you serve?” – them.

    May these protests grow until all of the city is shut down, and then perhaps the Overclass might begin to listen and take their boots off our throats.

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