Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Uses the Death and Aftermath of Eric Garner to Bash the Teachers Union.

December 8, 2014

Giuliani Discusses State Of U.S. Security 10 Years After 9/11 Terror Attacks

These days few things seem to energize and enrage former mayor Rudy Giuliani more than protests over police brutality that lead to the death of unarmed black men. To be sure, the protests seem to disturb the former mayor far more than the actual killing of an unarmed man at the hands of the NYPD. One of the things that might enrage the former mayor more is the existence of the United Federation of Teachers about whom, in a desperate search to blame anyone for Garner’s death except the people who actually killed him, Giuliani made the following insane comment:

“He then turned his fire on teachers unions, claiming they are to blame for the problem of poor schools in black neighborhoods.
“Maybe all these left-wing politicians that want to blame police, maybe there’s some blame here that has to go to the teachers union, for refusing to have, for refusing to have schools where teachers are paid for performance, for fighting charter schools, for fighting vouchers, so we can drastically and dramatically improve the education situation. Maybe they should be talking about and holding rallies about the problem of black fathers taking care of the children they fathered,” he said.”

Question: what kind of mind uses a situation such as the death of Eric Garner and the non-indictment of those responsible to union bust and parrot idiotic education reform propaganda ?

Sometimes I think it a miracle nearing the level of the virgin birth that, after eight years of this mean spirited, myopic and divisive man followed by twelve years of the maniacal, spiteful, corrupting Mike Bloomberg, New York City is still standing.


8 Responses to “Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani Uses the Death and Aftermath of Eric Garner to Bash the Teachers Union.”

  1. […] required to know anything about education policy or the business of running schools.”   Is former New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani “off his rocker?”  Did he really just try to blame the United Federation of Teachers […]

  2. rratto Says:

    Giuliani’s is blaming teachers for Eric Garner’s death, yet he ignores his GOP friends who have been working to destroy public education. His racists comment regarding black fathers exposes the true Rudy.

  3. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani probably doesn’t know that corporate Charters usually don’t accept many students who live in poverty, have learning disabilities, and/or are challenging to teach.

    Instead, the evidence is overwhelming that these private-sector Charters cherry pick the easiest students to teach, and siphon off tax money from the public schools where all the students they refuse to teach end up, so those public schools have fewer resources to work with the most at-risk and most difficult children to teach.

    Yet, even the OECD’s international PISA test results—when broken down by socioeconomic level—provide evidence that the public schools in the United States do a better job teaching these at risk students than comparable OECD countries, the same students that corporate Charters tend to reject.

    A study out of Stanford that was vetted by the Economic Policy Institute says, “Disadvantaged and lower-middle-class U.S. students perform better (and in most cases, substantially better) than comparable students in similar post-industrial countries in reading. In math, disadvantaged and lower-middle-class U.S. students perform about the same as comparable students in similar post-industrial countries.”

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  5. […] why Eric Garner died. It was not because a police officer choked him until he died. No, it was because the teachers’ union blocked charters, vouchers, and merit pay. I am not sure whether he wanted Mr. Garner to go to a charter school or the police officer. Maybe […]

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