One Day After Cuomo Declares War On Education, Sheldon Silver Is To Be Arrested.

January 22, 2015


This is the stuff of nightmares. Or something uglier and more disturbing than nightmares.

One day after Governor Andrew Cuomo unleashed the most comprehensively insidious attack on the public school system and public school teachers in memory,New York State Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, the one man in all of New York state with the political clout and will to at least mitigate Cuomo’s assault is to be arrested on charges of corruption.

The timing of this chain of events could not be worse or more suspicious. The political fallout is too bleak to even contemplate. It means that the power of Governor Cuomo, easily the most ruthless and cunning, anti labor servant of the most rapacious ruling class Albany has seen since the 19th century, has overnight grown exponentially.

Outside of a miracle, it means catastrophe for schools and teachers and democracy.

Rest assured, hedge fund managers, charter school entrepreneurs and their servant Andrew Cuomo are rejoicing.

I am numb.

One Response to “One Day After Cuomo Declares War On Education, Sheldon Silver Is To Be Arrested.”

  1. Norm Scott Says:

    I never expected much from Silver in the first place – he certainly didn’t try to stop the Cuomo pro-charter giveaway to Moskowitz last year. Yes we are screwed but I see that as a 15 year trend in screwing based on the UFT giveaways and lack of fight.

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