The Manchurian President Shills For Union Busting Ralm Emanuel

January 24, 2015


So Obama makes a radio ad for the re-election of Ralm Emanuel, he who did his best to destroy the Chicago Teachers Union and, when he failed to achieve that lofty goal, then retaliated against teachers and communities by massive school closings. Obama’s ad centers on Emanuel’s education policies which, in turn, center on school closings, charter schools, mass layoffs, union busting and privatization. Such polices are among the most oligarchically beloved and promoted in the nation.

No surprise here at this point. Only profound sadness. In fact, I’m reminded of Obama’s tacit endorsement of Michael Bloomberg’s illegal third term when he refused to even be photographed with Bloomberg’s opponent, Bill Thompson, even though Thompson was a Democrat and even though Obama’s support might well have seen Thompson elected. That was, after all, at the height of Obama Mania and, despite Bloomberg spending $100 million, Thompson lost by a margin of less than 5%.
Instead, four more eternal years of rule by the richest man in town.
Then there is the matter of race.
Thompson, of course, is African American, as are two of the Chicago mayoral candidates. None of the three are neo-liberals.
Such is life in “post-racial “ America.
Obama’s weasly betrayal of Thompson took place at the very beginning of Obama’s presidency, so the man is nothing if not consistent.
Obama’s ad does serve as a stark reminder, however, of how politically orphaned and degraded 99.9 percent of Americans now are and how we will remain so until a great change, as yet unimagined, is forged.

We have, at this point, no choice but to imagine it.

2 Responses to “The Manchurian President Shills For Union Busting Ralm Emanuel”

  1. Michael Fiorillo Says:

    We may not know or be able to reach consensus about what change we want – though it should begin with “Stop the attacks on teachers and public education, and the lies that underpin them” – or how to bring it about, but we can all start by resisting in any way we can. We can’t restore and revive public education unless and until we’ve beaten back the attacks against us.

    Resistance can take many forms: running for Chapter Leader if the incumbent is a Unity hack or principal’s stooge, a well-timed guffaw when some outrageous claim is made about Common Core, tuning out and refusing to participate during professional development/teacher detention geared toward the exams or evaluation procedures, pointing out the duplicity of our union misleadership, informing colleagues about what is happening, photocopying the exams and distributing them publicly, etc.

    There’s no end to the ways teachers could undermine this vicious and deranged process, but they must first wake up, and then commit to resistance in whatever way they can.

    Teachers and the very concept of a Union having been betrayed by Weingrew and Unity Caucus, it’s time for teachers, as individuals or in small cells of trusted colleagues, to engage in guerilla tactics.

    Since our schools are literally under occupation by the Overclass and their technocratic apparatus, enabled by a duplicitous union misleadership, partisan warfare is the logical response.

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