Expectant of Snow

January 26, 2015


I love snowstorms. I love the way they slow down the entire city of New York and force us to become aware of every step we take.

I love the way people tend to become more human in a snowstorm, acknowledging each other’s presence, even saying “hello” and “good morning” to strangers.

(How radical!)

I love the way kids go to bed expectant of snow (and snow days!) and rush to the window to see if snow has come and the carnival air it brings when it does.

I love the way the whole city, at least for a little while, is made dream-like and silent and still.

I love walking as snow falls and this afternoon I intend, if I can, to walk from Harlem where I work to the Lower East Side where I live and take it all in, aware of every step I take.

I love sitting in a warm apartment with a cup of coffee and a guitar looking out a window watching the snow fall from the sky in the warmth of people I love.

snow 2


2 Responses to “Expectant of Snow”

  1. Lisa Martin-Babits Says:

    I share your sentiments, my friend! Enjoy the peace and hush tomorrow, with a well-deserved day of rest. Hugs to the girls!

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