Bloomberg’s Leadership Academy Produces Yet Another Contemptuous Wretch

February 7, 2015


Any time a New York City teacher who has been working a few years hears or reads of some outrageous behavior by a principal, ten to one a single question wells up within his or her head: Is this person a product of the Leadership Academy?

There is excellent reason for this. They almost always are. I know. I had my own Leadership Academy monster to deal with. Mine thought it was a good idea to have the cops come into the school and arrest the PTA president and secretary in the middle of the school day for stealing funds that were never stolen. Drag out two innocent parents in handcuffs while their kids are in class? No problem. And somehow no charges are filed against the principal. She wound up U rating a fourth of the teaching staff, and causing untold and unjust damage to the lives of three fine untenured teachers by discontinuing them, before finally being removed and warehoused in school after school on what can be called the Leadership Academy dole. And who can forget the notorious Iris
Bilge, among many others in the Leadership Academy Hall of Shame. And the list goes on and one.

Yes, Leadership Academy grads have been degrading education, debasing the lives of students and teachers and finding creative ways to disgrace themselves for years now, and Principal Jazmine Santiago, who according to The New York Post “used school funds to install her own private gym with a bench press, pull-up bar, treadmill, elliptical machine and thigh exerciser on the third floor of PS 269 in Flatbush,” is no exception.
Kids have no pencils or paper ? A pity. But check out these abs!

Still, because The Post is The Post I wanted to reserve judgment on the woman until I heard confirmation from a credible source – which is to say, something other than The Post.
Sure and soon enough, I did. An old friend who has the misfortune of working for Santiago confirmed the account. I asked her if Santiago was Leadership Academy.

“Of course,” said she.

Tycoon-turned-mayor Mike Bloomberg and federal prosecutor-turned-chancellor of-education-turned education entrepreneur Joel Klein both thought the Leadership Academy was a swell idea. Why wouldn’t they? Neither had any idea what constitutes education nor any interest in finding out. Both of them thought that teaching was as easy as running a business. Take anyone, they reasoned, sausage them through nine months of ideological, union busting, “leadership building “ boot camp and presto! An instant principal!

New York City schools are still filled with these people, meaning in a very real sense that Bloomberg is still present, still poisoning, still here. I suspect we will be hearing stories of Leadership Academy principals degrading the sacred trust that is public education for years to come.

Addendum: Yesterday was a big news day for NYC principals. Could not find out for sure if Principal Annie Schmutz Seifullah was Leadership Academy as well, but I’d happily lay odds that she is. Note well that both of these persons were elevated to these positions during the ( endless ) reign of “reformer” M. Bloomberg. Note too that Seifullah is one of the very few principals that are actually fired, rather than hidden somewhere continuing to collect their substantial salaries. Message: Ruining schools and the lives of students and teachers is acceptable, but sex…

24 Responses to “Bloomberg’s Leadership Academy Produces Yet Another Contemptuous Wretch”

  1. anonymous Says:

    why is she still there?

  2. anonymous Says:

    what is happening with Ms. Santiago? Has
    she been removed or is she still collecting a

  3. anonymous Says:

    is ms. Santiago still there or has
    she been removed?

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      I don’t know but it usually takes a little while. Perhaps things have sped up under Farina. I’ll post an addendum if and when I hear of something.

  4. anonymous Says:

    sorry I meant that now she could get a job
    at CRUNCH or be a bar maid at some dump

  5. anonymous Says:

    poor Jazmine she could not get a job
    at Crunch Gym or be a bar maid, that is
    perfect for her.

  6. anonymous Says:

    too bad Jazmine what goes around comes around
    perhaps she could get a job at CRUNCH GYM.

  7. Jaylinda Perez Says:

    You should see what we are dealing with over here at my school. Google Minerva Zanca to get a taste.


    The DOE should do a clean swipe of any principal in the schools now who have no education experience as most of the bloomberg leadership academy principals have no education experience. Farina instituted a new requirement of 10 years education experience for principals and should remove any principal who does not meet that requirement now. MIkey Bloomberg was a sick demented crazed lunatic who does not care about people and it was a dangerous situation having him as mayor of NYC. Think about it, Bloomberg left office with all expired contracts for all the municipal workers of NYC — that is criminal and sick in that it mimics the middle east dictators such as sadam hussein and khadafy, etc…These dictators have all the money in the world and the rest of the people have nothing. Bloomberg left the mayors office in NYC with 35 billion dollars and left everyone else holding their crotch.

  9. Sandy Says:

    I worked under her and had to quit
    teaching to save my mind

  10. Michael Fiorillo Says:

    There’s something almost mythic/archetypal about the dysfunction and viciousness of the DOE. After all, you’d need a Carl Jung to fully explain their hiring, not just of sociopaths as Principals, but sociopaths with name like “Bilge” (rubbish/nonsense) and “Schmutz” (dirt/filth).

    Perhaps they’re inadvertently telling the teachers and parents what they think of them, and what to expect from these people.

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