Bonds and Blackboards: Education Reform and Oligarchy 101

March 10, 2015

harvard 085703957535968814_n-1

Herein the lie that is called “education reform” in essence. Herein the unholy alliance between absurdly rich businessmen, Wall Street bond traders, Ivy League think tankers and non-profit “community organizations” that have busied themselves undermining public education. Herein The Gates Foundation and The Walton Family Foundation, there to purchase anyone and anything that stands in the way of their lust to remake schools in their grotesque, one-dimensional image. Herein Harvard, there to give the insidious takeover of public education and transfer of public money into private hands the veneer of academic respectability of the highest order. Herein Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), there to create the illusion that a super slick top-down corporate campaign is really a spontaneous grassroots movement akin to the Civil Rights Movement and the Abolitionists.
And herein the essence of a thriving oligarchy in an increasingly farcical ghost of a democracy.

You’re invited.

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