Advocates For Children On NYC Charters: “Civil Rights Suspended”

March 20, 2015

Of the many disgusting tactics of the billionaire and hedge fund messiahs who are almost entirely responsible for the catastrophe collectively known as “education reform,” none to my mind is more disgusting than their usurpation of the language and iconography of the Civil Rights Movement,perhaps the most spiritually charged and heroic undertaking in American history. This usurpation is never more evident than in their slick and ceaseless propaganda for charter schools, the publically funded privately managed institutions so beloved of hedge funders and so destructive of community and the public school system itself.
Less than two weeks before Governor Andrew Cuomo threaten to lift the cap on such institutions, comes this report by Advocates for Children that speaks truth to money and should be read by every citizen in the state of New York and beyond.


2 Responses to “Advocates For Children On NYC Charters: “Civil Rights Suspended””

  1. Harris L. Says:

    Thanks, Patrick. Part of how the reformistas have been able to control the narrative–subsuming iconic aspects of the CR movement and blazoning “Don’t Steal Possible” across the airwaves, a slogan just bland enough that it manages to hide the true intent of our adversaries. I take heart in the recent Q-Poll, which shows that the public supports teachers and unions by wide margins over the governor and reformistas but this is NYS where the people are rarely “heard” except as an annoying background buzz.

    Thanks for posting the link. Had heard about the report but will read it closely now.

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