Bloomberg’s Appearance at the DNC Makes a Mock of Bill Clinton’s Ode To Hillary

July 27, 2016


For those who were moved by Bill Clinton’s touching if highly sanitized and edited
paean to his wife last night – the man is very, very good at this kind of thing – you would do well to note today’s key note speaker: former NYC Mayor, multi billionaire, union busting and super neo-liberal Michael R Bloomberg. Bloomberg’s political beliefs were most clearly articulated when, through a combination of ruthless employment of the machinery of state, his own immense fortune and an ever expanding host of non-profit organizations serving as mercenaries of the super rich, he purchased a one time only third term as Mayor by corrupting a spineless City Council into allowing him to do so. And this despite two referendums against third terms.

At this point, Bloomberg’s appearance is strange by any normal standards in so far as, like Donald Trump, the man has shown zero allegiance to any political party, moving from Democrat to Republican to Independent depending on how such affiliations benefit Mike Bloomberg at any given moment. And it is particularly note worthy in light of Bill Clinton’s repeated and highly dubious characterization of Hillary Clinton’s history and career as a “builder from the bottom up” and the like.

Bloomberg epitomizes the oligarchic America which Sanders railed against and which Hillary skillfully avoids acknowledging. As NYC mayor, Bloomberg spent 12 long, miserable years expending enormous amounts of energy and money while doing his very best to simultaneously destroy the United Federation of Teachers and privatize the public school system. He failed in both attempts, but the damage he inflicted on students and teachers is immeasurable and still very much present.
Bloomberg spent 12 years doing all he could to remake New York in his image, a desire he shares with his fellow billionaire and would be president Donald Trump. Indeed, Bloomberg is, in many ways, like Trump if only with more cunning, less public vulgarity and with a complete absence of Trump’s phony populism.

I will admit that I was shocked to read of Bloomberg’s appearance at the DNC, even as I am fully aware of what a sham and a fraud the whole circus truly is. Still…Michael Bloomberg? And yet, the more I think of it the more it makes perfect sense. If nothing else, Bloomberg’s appearance reaffirms how ever so close and ever so horrific our two parties have become and will remain until a real alternative is forged.


9 Responses to “Bloomberg’s Appearance at the DNC Makes a Mock of Bill Clinton’s Ode To Hillary”

  1. BINGO! I’d say a big thumb on the nose to all the Sander’s supporters in the room they hope to “unify”. Bloomberg is the opposite of a unifier. Thank you for writing this.

  2. Michele Hamilton Says:

    Yes, of course you are 100% correct. However, what I find most frightening is that so many “left leaning”, “liberal”, “Democrats”, or whatevers do not see this. Of course, I am not referring to the readers of your blog. My other “favorite” speaker was Cory Booker. Now I didn’t see Mikey but I did see Cory and if we didn’t know better, we’d think he was some kind of savior. Can’t tell you how many people have said to me, wish he were the pick for VP.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Yes, Michele I had a couple of conversations with people infatuated with Booker. hey want to believe and con artists like Booker know exactly how to play on that. I send them Glen Ford’s work on the weasel which shows conclusively that Booker is a pure creation of right wing think tanks and foundations.

  3. Megan welch Says:

    The two parties are one…and that one is not in our best interest.

  4. cjonsson1 Says:

    Patrick, please consider voting for Jill Stein. She is a great candidate and is gaining momentum wit the Bernie or Bust voters.

  5. Martha Kessler Says:

    Awesome post Patrick, couldn’t agree more

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