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A Message from Michelle Rhee

August 29, 2011

Michelle Rhee is nothing if not convinced of her own genius, reality be damned.

Despite serious questions about her ethics during her miraculous three year teaching career, despite her outright rejection by proxy by the people of D.C, despite her corporate sponsored reputation as an educational messiah cracking beneath the mass cheating that occurred during her tenure as chancellor of DC schools,  (and her abject refusal to address the same ), despite the abject failure of the corporate reform campaign to improve anything despite a decade of dominance, Michelle Rhee is running around the country determined to tell you exactly how to think and how to save America’s schools.

Since her termination as DC schools chief, the lady has kept herself busy with her corporate sponsored a movement to transform public education.   Rhee’s idea of transforming public education is to hand it over to corporations — not that she’d ever admit it.    Somewhere I read that Rhee has vowed to raise a billion dollars to defame, undermine and slander teacher unions   Of course, Rhee did not use that language even as that is exactly what she and her employers in the corporate  reform movement do and can do.  No, what Rhee claims to do is to “take on” the “all powerful ” teacher unions who are destroying our nation’s youth and which will soon be found to be the cause of cancer and perhaps death in all forms.
To be sure Rhee knows all the right people  to raise that kind of  money. is Rhee’s very profitable non-profit vehicle designed for the job.

Meanwhile, she’s also become a sweetheart of union busting governors — Democrat or Republican; it makes no difference these post -partisan days — from coast to coast.

Rhee’s organization is, of course, part of a billion dollar “campaign” rather than a “movement” and you would think that Rhee, whose devotees seem to consider her the greatest educator in the history of the sperm cell, would know the difference between the two words.  Then again, since the entire corporate reform blitzkrieg is a campaign claiming it’s a movement – and better still, a grass roots movement — what the big deal?   What’s in a word, after all?

At any rate, lo and behold, not an hour ago  I was somehow the recipient of a message from the divinely inspired Miss R that I believe it my duty to share with you all.   As always, Michelle wishes to help you help put students first rather than last which is, of course, where bad teachers and the unions that protect them wish to relegate them.  As always Michelle wants to do this by firing all manner of bad teacher as to have the $ to retain “great” teachers.   The problem, Michelle states passionately in her voice-over to the accompanying video, is “ an outdated system called last in first out. “  This is  also called seniority.

Michelle never bothers to explain why seniority is suddenly “out dated” or how to identify a “great” teacher but…so what ? We all know what and who’s she’s aiming at, don’t we?  Michelle than follows up with the same load of theoretical horseshit proclaimed by Hoover Institution economist Eric Hanushek in the shameless, grossly dishonest, and  highly effective propaganda film Waiting For Superman in which Rhee not only stars but actually fires a principal on camera.

We’re talking an Olympian badass here !

Anyway, see for yourself what our girl is up to these days.

I must say this for Michelle Rhee: she is shrewd, very shrewd.  Producing this crap for a living is a whole lot easier and infinitely more lucrative than teaching ever was and ever will be.