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Incapable of Governing Trump Seeks to Set America At War with Itself

July 27, 2017

If anyone were thick enough to still believe that some inner buried spark of decency would stop President Donald J Trump from setting the American people against themselves for the sole sake of gratifying his diseased and oceanic ego, his words and actions over the past three days should provide ample clarity. Incapable of passing a single piece of legislature, his own administration in operatic, barely concealed ruins, and forced to face dismal approval ratings, Trump did as Trump does, following the same grotesque path that allowed his shocking electoral victory six months ago.

In multiple ways, Trump attempted to rally his base: first degrading a Boy Scout Jamboree by turning it into an incoherent Trump Youth Rally where he mocked a former president, whined about the fake media, campaigned for his vicious and incoherent health care “plan”, threatened a member of his cabinet, and reminisced about a the travels of a fallen millionaire who lost his “momentum,” and, last but not least, encouraged an idiotic chant of “USA! USA! “

Trump’s words have to be read to be believed and even then beggars belief that these are actual statements of the President of the Untied States.

Trump then appeared at an actual Trump rally in Ohio where, before floating the idea of having his vile visage carved into Mount Rushmore, he ranted crazily before his ecstatic groupies about illegal immigrants whose apparent joy is to “slice and dice ” beautiful 15 and 16 year old girls. This, said the President of the Untied States, instead of merely shooting them as bullets would rob the “animals” of the pain they so sadistically love to inflict.

To top it all off, yesterday Trump announced (via a Tweet!) that he had imposed a ban against transgender soldiers in the military. This was done apparently with no input whatsoever from the military, who are now squirming and attempting to figure out how to react to the dictate of their insane commander and chief that they do not agree with. The decision, in short, was made on a whim and the rationale – “tremendous medical costs and disruption” – was immediately exposed by the Rand Corporation among others as pure bullshit.

No matter to our current leader and his fans.

If nothing else, the past three days billboard what anyone with any knowledge of Trump has long understood, even as they have yet to figure out an effective way of countering it or even neutralizing it. Trump has no goals other than the constant, ceaseless gratification of his ego, no beliefs to appeal to, no principles to restrain him.

Trump is about getting his way. Trump is about “winning.” At any and all costs.

Trump has his disturbingly worshipful base who, grateful for being allowed to vocalize their basest, most brutal impulses and indulge in their most infantile fantasies about what American is, has been, and will be, will follow him anywhere, even as his policies immiserate and degrade them; even as Trump degrades and immiserates any one (save his family) who have been taken in by this con man.

It was for these people these grotesque statements were made in the absolute certainty that they would keep these people in a perpetual state of mindless frenzy or fantasy.

We must understand this: Trump will do all he can to rip the nation asunder simply to gratify his ego. And as yet there is nothing stopping him from doing just that.