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Cornell West at Catholic Worker to Honor Dorothy Day

November 9, 2013


In an extemporaneous address that could only be called symphonic in its structure and effect, Dr. Cornel West spoke to an overflow audience at the Friday Night Lecture Series of the Catholic Worker on the occasion of founder Dorothy Days’ birthday.
West, a self described “free spirited Baptist” revealed a profound knowledge and insight into the corpus of Day’s words and spirituality, finding connections from everyone from Socrates to Dostoevsky to John Coltrane in Day’s simple if enormous dictum that “Life is about love overflowing. ” West drew inevitable connections from everything to the indignity of Stop and Frisk to the murder by drone foreign policy of the Obama administration in the absence of such spiritual awareness and maturity.

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West was as sublime as the subject of which he spoke. It was a most joyful and bracing occasion.

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