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New York Post Conjures Up New Common Core Villain: Driven, Snobbish Yet Cowardly Parents

April 10, 2016

Its always a good sign when shills for those who are systemically attempting to undermine public education, the better to privatize it, are reduced to making public arguments that read like they are written by a person on a six day drunk. Such is the study in utter incoherence found in today’s New York Post under the headline, Common Core opt-out movement is parents who can’t handle their kids failing by Naomi Schaefer Riley.

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Providing no evidence for her conclusions, mixing in a not so subtle accusation of snobbery,(” upper-middle class white parents “) adding a dose of gross civic negligence (“depriving parents, schools and taxpayers of valuable information about how well (or badly) we are educating our kids”) citing articles and systems that mock the very tests she is so desperately defending, Riley adds a new twist to Arne Duncan’s insulting statement of a few years back about “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were ” who were therefore opting out.

Riley’s takes Duncan’s insulting idiocy even further. Riley’s Opt Out parents are “helicopter parents ” who are simultaneously almost psychotic about the academic progress and success of their children and at the same time “don’t want to risk the fact that they might fail.”

Hence, these moral cowards have their children opting out.
That’s it. That’s her argument.

I am the parent of a child who is opting out and will opt out just as long as the campaign to privatize education continues. The Common Core aligned tests, funded largely by the despicable and insidious Gates Foundation and designed to insure most children would fail and in failing provide a rationale for the corporate takeover of public schools, are the central nervous system of that campaign.

As such, it is my belief that it is my moral and ethical duty and the moral and ethical duty of all parents to opt out of this corporate imposition.

As a parent I would love to speak with Ms. Riley about her convictions and how she arrived at them. I would love to have her accuse me and other opt out parents of cowardice.

Somehow I don’t see that happening.

I know it’s the Post and, as such, a low bar but still I believe such a public display of outright incoherence is a small but good sign that we are winning even as I know this war will continue for a long, long time. Such is one of the logical outcomes of allowing less than 1% of a nation to own over 40% of the nation’s wealth.

Moskowitz Again Uses Children As Political Props and Tabloids Cheer

March 5, 2014
Moskowitz  surrounded  by  some of her 7000 supporters, some as young as five.

Moskowitz surrounded by some of her 7000 supporters, some as young as five.

For the third time in as many years, Eva Moskowitz, czarina of the Success Academy charter school empire and heroine of the campaign to privatize our public school system, has used school children during school hours as political props and done so with absolute impunity. On the contrary, judging from the ecstatic headlines of today’s tabloids, you’d think the employment of school children for political gain is a noble act.

The first time Moskowitz politicized children was in the aftermath of a lawsuit filed jointly by the NAACP and the UFT based on the historic case of Brown vs Board of Education. Both the NAACP and the UFT filed against what they perceived were “separate and unequal “ facilities in the school building Harlem Success Academy, “ co- located” with PS 149 in Harlem. The case is still pending. In protest of the suit, in an act of political surrealism increasingly common in the privatization campaign, Moskowitz led a group of almost entirely African American students to the Federal Building on 125th in Harlem where she held a rally against the NAACP in front of the statue of Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

The second such use of children was when Moskowitz employed hundreds of students as ambulatory human advertisements for mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota by marching them over the Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of a school day.

Yesterday, Moskowitz went further still, much further still, bussing thousands of children to Albany as part of a rally organized by something called Families for Excellent Schools.
Who paid for such an event?
I have a hunch if was the same people who are lining the re-election campaign coffers of Governor Andrew Cuomo who — Surprise! Surprise! — appeared at the children’s crusade rally to express his love for charter schools, if not for adequately funding public schools.

Meanwhile, the press media went gaga over Eva’s event, with not a single questioning word about the use of children for political gain.
It should be noted that any NYC public school principal or teacher who attempted such a stunt would be removed from her position post haste with ringing condemnations of child abuse and the like from the very same New York Daily News and New York Post. It should be noted that, unlike the Divine Ms. Moskowitz, NYC principals are one and all beholden to rules such as the following from the Chancellors Regulations: Section 1. C. 2, which refers to activities during school hours: “Personnel may not be involved in any activities, including fundraising, on behalf of any candidate, candidates, slate of candidates OR POLITICAL ORGANIZATION/ committee during working hours.”

It should be noted that NYC teachers are expressly forbidden from as much as wearing a political button and are liable to face disciplinary charges if they do.

It should be noted that charter schools such as Success Academy never tire of promulgating the fiction that they are public schools rather than private organizations unaccountable to public oversight that have the great good fortune of being publicly funded.

Moskowitz rationalizes using children in her overtly political actions by claiming that the children, some as young as five or six, are engaging, not in scripted play-acting or political brainwashing — but rather, in civics lessons. As far as I can see, this absurdity – along with the presumption that children can truly comprehend the complexities of the assault on public education and the place of charter schools in this battle — appears to be completely unquestioned by the press. Consider the New York Times account of the event which, while more truthful than the nonsense in the Post and Daily News, makes no mention whatsoever of Moskowitz’s unseemly use of children.
Under the absurd banner of the “War on Charters”, the Post has no problem insinuating that that children bussed to the state capital were in fact “supporters” of charter schools.

Kids Are Adults too.

Kids Are Adults too.

Indeed, in their silly comparison between the sizes of Moskowitiz’s rally and that of Bill de Blasio’s rally for universal pre-K, both the News and the Post seem to consider the kids as you would adults.


It’s hard to say what is more disgusting: Moskowitz’s shameless use of children enlisted for the building of her publicly funded empire ? Cuomo’s shameless pandering to her billionare backers and contempt for the millions of non-charter school non -billionaire backed students and parents ? Or the media’s celebration of both ?

Meanwhile, there is Bill de Blasio, continuing to call for funding for universal pre-K, a program that will unquestionably improve the lives of millions of children, especially the poor, and simply the right thing to do, being jeered and lambasted in the press for drawing a smaller crowd than that of the bussed in kids.

I look at this kind of stuff and feel ashamed to be an American.

Thanks to Michael Fiorillo for his help with this post.

The Ignorant and the Egregious: Educators 4 Excellence Hold a Rally

December 3, 2012
The egregious Evan Stone declares "I am not satisfactory!  I am excellent."

The egregious non teacher E4E leader Evan Stone declares  insanely, “I am not satisfactory! I am excellent!”


Educators 4 Excellence is nothing if not an extraordinary organization.  It is so because it is simultaneously astoundingly arrogant, totally devious and utterly pathetic.  But what else, really, can you expect from a organization that pretends to be a grassroots collection of teachers but whose real reason for existence is to insidiously further the will of their sugar daddy, private citizen Bill Gates and his hedge fund pals in their relentless campaign to privatize the public school system?  What else can you say about a group of teachers whose leaders taught for two or three years (now living quite cozily on Gates Foundation welfare) and believe they have figured out how best to teach and run entire school systems? How else can you define a group of teachers who blather on about desiring “excellence” but whose every policy is a shameless echo of every education hustle and fad in the land?  How can you possibly respect a group of teachers who are so empty and lacking in self awareness that they believe the only way they can improve as teachers is to have principals, an increasing percentage of whom have little or no educational experience at all, provide them with constant “feed back? “


How can you take seriously a group of teachers who are so ignorant  (or pretend to be so ignorant) that they look stunned when you inform them that every  dime of the $30 million Race to the Top extortion money will be spent, not on teachers and schools, but on consultants and corporations and other lucky players in the Corporate Education Industrial Complex.   How can you not find reprehensible a group of teachers who rally, not for their fellow teachers who are being hounded and demoralized and degraded by an increasingly insane system, nor for their beloved students whose schools are being shut down and communities disrupted, but for the teacher’s union to immediately agree to an evaluation system riddled with mechanisms designed to destroy the careers of their fellow teachers?

What really can you say about people who, in the face of the greatest assault on public education in American history, gather in a park on a Sunday afternoon to bellow idiocies such as    “We want a deal! “ and ‘ I am not satisfactory! I am excellent!”  And “ We crave feedback” , in  a desperate  attempt to please those committing  said  assault who are simultaneously their financial backers ?

What can one conclude about the authenticity of any organization whose membership is   infinitesimal and whose every policy is a crude re-writing of union busting corporate education reform policies yet it granted instant credibility and glowing press reports and editorials in the New York Post and Fox News right out of the egg?

What can you possibly say about the integrity of a teacher who claims he left teaching and joined the leadership of the E4E, not because it infinitely easier and more lucrative than teaching,  but because he just couldn’t bear to work under the present evaluation system any longer ?

How can you not find despicable an organization of teachers who would if they could leave teachers with as many rights as an employee of McDonald’s while feeding their students a steady diet of test prep because this is what their hidden backers, billionaires and hedge fund managers, have required them to do ?

Such is the farce, the disgusting and devious  farce,  called Educators 4 Excellence.

Addendum: What follows is a post containing the ridiculous pretense for the ridiculous rally.  Like the statements on the signs shown above, it speaks for itself.

My name is Kate Schuster, and I am an elementary ESL teacher at PS 38. Last Tuesday I attended an E4E event with over 150 teachers and Chancellor Walcott, to discuss evaluation. As a result of the event, and the urgency of the issue, I will be rallying tomorrow and I want YOU to join me. 
Here is a quote from my recent blog post about the event that explains why I am rallying:“We are the change makers. We are the ones that turn non-readers into lovers of books, a writer of simple sentences into an essayist. We can use those same skills to be a part of this conversation and policy-making. This is why I am attending E4E’s “Move Beyond Satisfactory” rally this Sunday at City Hall. The rally is our chance to tell the DOE and the UFT that teachers want a better evaluation system administered by school leaders who are well trained to support our teaching.
Please stand with me on Sunday. The rally will be a ton of fun and it’s incredibly easy to get to. Plus you’ll get one of the sweet beanies I’m wearing in the picture above!
You’ll find a map, including all nearby subways, and the details below.
Sunday, December 2nd at 2PM
City Hall Park
Swag and coffee: 2PM
Start: 2:30PM
Finished: 3:00PM
Hope to see you there,
 Lastly,  there is the truth.