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Bill Gates and the Medal of Freedom: Obama Officially Recognizes the Right of the Rich to Impose Public Policy

November 19, 2016


As if to officially acknowledge the insidious and tacit transformation of the remnants of democracy to not so subtle oligarchy, the Obama administration has announced that Bill Gates is to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In a sense, as the Obama administration has done more to undermine public education than any in American history, it is right and fitting that Gates, the person who has bankrolled and forged that effort more than any individual in American history, be so duly honored.
For the past 15 years, Gates, a private citizen with zero educational experience and knowledge, has been allowed to use his virtually limitless fortune to impose his will on the public school system as he has pleased, an effort he has pursued with the same ruthlessness that he once used to obtain the intellectual property rights that have led to his immense fortune.

Gates’ efforts have led directly to the expansion of publically funded, privately managed charter schools, the creation and imposition of idiotic and grossly unfair teacher evaluations, mass financing propaganda like Waiting For Superman, and the purchase and acquiescence of long standing education organizations such as the national Parent Teacher Association. In addition, Gates has funded the creation of a seemingly endless amount of freshly minted “grass roots” advocacy organizations (Educators for Excellence, for example) the sole purpose of which is to deceive an unknowing public into believing that a campaign to privatize the school system by the richest people on earth is rising from the streets. (The usurpation of the language and iconography of the Civil Rights Movement has been both beyond shameless and disturbingly successful. ) It has also led to the immiseration of teachers from coast to coast as well as the weakening of the power of teacher unions – who foolishly tried to dance with this monopolist — across the nation. Gates’ crowning achievement thus far is the imposition of the secretly written, deceptively named, disastrously received Common Core State Standards which, as they were written with standardized tests in mind, in turn have led to a reduction of education to test prep.

His success at” reform” has led education historian Diane Ravitch to sardonically dub Gates “ the superintendent of American schools. “
That this unelected, unaccountable and largely hidden figure has been allowed to forge his will on an American institution as vital as the public school system should fill every American who actually believes in participatory democracy with abject horror.
Instead, Gates is being awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor. And so it goes. Allow an individual man to accumulate the wealth of a state and it is only a matter of time before that individual begins to act like the state and a short time after that the state recognizes said individual as proxy for the state.
May the kind of freedom President Obama is awarding here be clearly recognized and seen for what it is. It is the freedom of the private citizen to make public policy for millions providing that private citizen is super rich.
The rest of us be damned.

What a sad, sad time in which we live.

Bloomberg and Billionaires Forever

December 30, 2014

Britain Bloomberg Knighthood Good news for all those New Yorker’s who felt 12 years of Bloombergian rule was just the beginning of political paradise, not to mention as for all those Americans who felt cheated out of a Bloomberg presidency. All six of those people (all on payroll) can rejoice in the fact The Bloomster continues to carry on behind the scenes doing what he does best: purchasing influence, hither, thither and yon, and bulldozing the way to permanent oligarchy like few others! $27.7 million dollars worth of bulldozing, in fact. Thank you very much Citizens United! And mind you, the lovable little tycoon has a net worth of 35.5 billion so such giving can go on and on and on till the end of time. Literally. And, yes, while some of Bloomberg’s money is going for gun control, lots and lots and lots is going for “education reform,” oligarchic patois for union busting, wholesale privatization of the public school system, a major step in the unmaking of the social contract itself ! So cheer up, fellow citizens. Due to the limitless generosity of men like Mike — and there are some 435 other billionaires helping to set the country straight! — and the wisdom of the Supreme Court we move closer and closer to the vision of founding father John Jay who wrote, “”Those who own the country ought to govern it.” Happy New Year! Addendum: See Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty First Century for a more nuanced take on the wonders of oligarchy or Paul Krugman’s take on Piketty’s book.