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It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood !

April 28, 2011

From blabbering to renowned education expert and all purpose super-person Oprah to eating a $35,800 fund raising dinner with “alienated” Wall Street parasites (whose feelings were hurt when he mentioned their central role in nearly destroying the global economy and ruining the lives of millions,)  it’s another hope inspiring day for President Obama and the nation!

My question: Just where does he find the strength and courage ?

From the New York Times:
April 27, 2011

President Heads to New York to Try to Thaw Wall Street Donors


President Obama, seeking to mend fences with big New York donors to the Democratic Party, came to New York to headline three back-to-back fund-raisers on Wednesday night, casting his re-election campaign as the next step in the effort to speed up the economic recovery.

“People are worried about the future of the American dream,” Mr. Obama told some 60 donors who paid up to $35,800 a plate to be part of the first scheduled event, a dinner party with the president at the Manhattan home of Jon S. Corzine, the former governor of New Jersey.

Mr. Obama tried to distinguish between the haves — including those gathered around him at five tables in two rooms — and the have-nots as a reason to continue to support his economic policies. “Everybody here almost by definition has lived out that American dream,” he said, looking around the rooms, crowded with sequined women in Christian Louboutin designer shoes.

“The question is, will that same story be told by our children and grandchildren?” the president asked. “Will it be told by the folks who do all the work here in New York City and across the country, washing dishes?”

Mr. Obama flew to New York from Chicago, where he had made a trip to tape an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” one of the last before it ends. The appearance will be broadcast Monday, White House officials said.

Ms. Winfrey gave Mr. Obama a huge political lift in 2007 when she endorsed him early in the Democratic primary season. During the campaign, Ms. Winfrey joined the Obamas at a number of rallies and helped raise money for his presidential effort.

Getting money from Wall Street for next year’s re-election campaign might be a much harder sell, and Mr. Obama’s visit to New York was timed to kick off that effort.

In particular, Democrats are hoping that Mr. Obama can make peace, somewhat at least, with Wall Street, where financiers have expressed increased alienation with the party and the White House after the oratorical pounding they have taken for their part in the financial crisis that began in 2008. Several hedge fund managers who supported Mr. Obama in 2008 now indicate that they will support the Republican Party in 2012.

Mr. Obama began his kiss-and-make-up effort at the home of Mr. Corzine, a former chairman and chief executive of Goldman Sachs. Mr. Corzine has deep ties to the financial services industry, and now heads MF Global, a financial services firm.

Democrats are hoping that Mr. Obama’s fund-raising efforts can top the $750 million he raised in the 2008 campaign, and possibly reach $1 billion.

Also on Mr. Obama’s Manhattan schedule were a fund-raiser at the Waldorf-Astoria and a concert at the Town Hall theater for his young supporters featuring the Roots, a hip-hop band.

The events were expected to raise $2 million to $3 million, Democratic officials said. The proceeds will go to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint account of the Democratic National Committee and the Obama campaign.