Bill Gates Continues To Purchase Major Teacher Unions and At Discount Rates

July 3, 2013

“We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”.

Justice Louis D. Brandeis

Dennis Van Roekel and the NEA,  brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Dennis Van Roekel and the NEA, brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates, a private citizen of obscene wealth obtained largely through his monopolistic cunning and ruthless hoarding of intellectual property rights, has spent the greater part of the last decade insidiously and extra-legislatively dictating public school policy. Mr. Gates has no experience whatsoever in education. This, however, has not stopped him from gaining infinitely more power over my child’s education than I have and infinitely more power over your child than you have. This power, given to him by spineless politicians across the country but especially by Barack Obama, has allowed Gates to perform foolish experiment after foolish experiment on America’s children and America’s educators. These experiments include but are by no means limited to the deceptively named and privately owned Common Core States Standards and Value Added Metrics for teacher evaluations. They also include Gate’s ideas of students wearing “Galvanic bracelets” to measure something or other and video cameras in every classroom all the time as if teachers, are in fact, criminals. And there are many more including the latest intrusion of the rights of children, the data mining, InBloom. Furthermore, Gates has funded every countless phony anti union “grassroots “ group, ( my favorite the despicable union busting Educators 4 Excellence ) major media public relations campaigns agsinst the public school system like “Waiting For Superman” and NBC’s “Education Nation”. and even “public” institutions such as PBS and NPR, the last two of which have followed his scripts as if they were Gate’s valet. To top it off, Obama’s reprehensible Race To the Top, currently wreaking havoc from sea to shining sea – exactly as it was designed to do — was developed in the bowels of the Gates Foundation.

Without his 6o billion dollars, all of Gate’s fascistic ideas would be greeted with silence or a horselaugh and Mr. Gates would be considered a clown in the unlikely case he would be considered at all. With his 60 billion, Mr. Gates is the unelected, unaccountable Emperor of American Education. That is to say, public education, as Mr. Gates, like virtually all the education reformers, would never dream of subjecting his children or their teachers to the degrading, idiotic and debasing schemes he demands for our kids and their teachers.

Mr. Gates has spent the last decade simultaneously undermining and purchasing teacher unions, particularly the two largest, the National Education Association led by Dennis Roekel and American Federation of Teachers led by Randi Weingarten. Teacher unions were created to fight the very kind of imposition and degrading demands that Gates is implementing and forever proposing. Gates has made no secret of his contempt for teachers, even to the place of roaming the county suggesting their modest pensions are far too high.

Despite all this, both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers, instead of ceaselessly pointing out to their members the danger of Mr. Gates and his kind, not merely to their profession but to a semblance of democracy itself, have repeatedly pretended that they can work Gates and all will be fine. Alternatively, they say stuff like, things are changing and unions must change with them.
One hears lots of this sort of defeated without a fight rubbish.
Privately, they insist they have no choice but to work with this man.

Why ? What happens if you don’t ?

Randi and Bill: Weingarten personally invited Bill Gates to be the keynote speaker at a national AFT Convention in an effort to promote “dialogue.”   Bill wasn’t listening.

Randi and Bill: Weingarten personally invited Bill Gates to be the keynote speaker at a national AFT Convention in an effort to promote “dialogue.” Bill wasn’t listening.

It is difficult to gauge the idiocy of this thinking. It is nothing less than suicidal. It is the reasoning of minds that have no understanding of how unions came to be and what they are for. That much the more when there is the track record of reckless experimentation on students and heretofore unimaginable teacher degradation to draw from. But it is not difficult to gauge the results. Schemes developed by Gates have already eliminated due process (tenure) for countless teachers, have already subjected teachers to an evaluation plan that is riddled with error and obscenities such as the contention that poverty is not a factor in student performance on standardized tests. It should be clear to anyone who has followed the billionaire backed farce called “education reform” that Bill Gates never “gives” a thin dime without somehow extracting much, much more in return. At this point, one would have to be crazy or clueless to be dealing with man. To be doing anything, that is, other than exposing him as the narcissistic, democracy hating monster that he is.

Both the NEA and the AFT are willingly becoming adjuncts of the Gates Foundation.
(If you think I exaggerate observe the NEA website which reads like an ad for Common) Core among other Gate’s schemes )
It is time for members to do all that can be legally done to remove Mr. Dennis Van Roekel and Ms. Randi Weingarten from power. Indeed, long past time.

Their actions are beyond parody and beyond disgrace and lead only one way: complete and utter disempowerment for union members. I do not know how this can be done but I know it must before the very idea of a union – that which without there can be neither dignity nor rights for workers of any kind – is completely eviscerated from this land. Such evisceration is precisely the goal of Mr. Gates and his kind and they will succeed if we do not stop them.

7 Responses to “Bill Gates Continues To Purchase Major Teacher Unions and At Discount Rates”

  1. Reblogged this on Crazy Normal – the Classroom Exposé and commented:
    Why are we allowing billionaires with no experience with poverty and teaching decide for the United States how the public schools should be run? I thought America was a democracy not a corporate board room.

  2. Mike Says:

    Is it possible that a union such as the UFT in NYC might benefit from all the deforms such as replacing a high cost vet with 2 newbies at the same total cost to the city but doubling the unions take from dues? Not sure how dues are calculated but I suspect the new teachers pay a bigger % of their pay the veterans.

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Yes, Mike, I suppose it is possible but the benefit would be short lived as such a motive would turn union members against the union even faster than Bill Gates could. But I’m not saying it isn’t so. Ours are dark days.

  3. Sean Ahern Says:

    Well said. I agree that Roekel and Weingarten need to go. I have wondered about their pathetic genuflection before Gates and the corporate led reform. Weingarten is a lawyer , an officer of the court, who was never really a teacher in spite of whatever cover Leo Casey tries to provide. But Mulgrew is a career teacher and is following the same path. I suspect that there is more at work here than ideological subservience and that the connection is also one of a shared economic interest. We know that Gates contributed $ to teacher unions for their endorsement of common core but $100,000 is really not enough to sell out your membership. We need to dig deeper and disclose the full array of connections. It is one thing to be isolated and outgunned and to be forced to make concession after concession, it is quite another to embrace setbacks and sell them as progress to the membership. The marketing of the corporate reform by teacher union leaders to the rank and file suggests a much closer relationship than can be accorded to lack of vision, cowardice or any other sort of rationalization. Even if one takes the position; 1) that the unions are not capable of open resistance; 2) that things could be worse; and 3) that open resistance and defiance will only bring forth more draconian attacks, this does not explain the tenacity of their allegiance to the corporate reformers. What’s in it for them? What are they defending? One place to look might be the separate pension funds in existence that grant teacher union officials a second pension in addition to their publically funded pensions they are entitled to as former teachers. These were set up in the 1980s in the UFT and now comprise a sizable portion of where union dues are going. Who manages this fund which is apart from the TRS? Has it also invested in the school privatization/corporate reform? The largest prison for profit corporation was set up and is funded by correction and law enforcement pension funds, giving retirees a lucrative second career. We know there is a education industrial complex but to what extent have our union officials become a material part of this and define their interests accordingly?

    • patrickwalsh Says:

      Excellent points, all Sean. ( Per usual.) I too am baffled by such subservience and have been wracking my brains as to why. Whatever it is we can both agree it is something very, very dark.

  4. paulvhogan Says:

    I don’t know for sure that he’s “bought” them, but the actions/inaction of the teacher union leadership certainly strike me as the behavior of leadership that has been bought.

    If they are seeking to advance the cause of working American classroom teachers, they are going about it in a most bizarre fashion.

    Powerful piece. Others think so too:

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